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MEDI-SOS Sticker pack

MEDI-SOS Sticker pack with Fridge Magnet.

A comprehensive sticker pack is included with each

MEDI-SOS Grab-bag.

MEDI-SOS Logo sticker
MEDI-SOS Logo Sticker
MEDI-SOS Window sticker

The pack consists of various stickers that include:


The Bright Red Logo window sticker - measuring 25mm x 25mm - it's large enough to be spotted by the emergency services but not intrusive.


Place this in a prominent position so that it can be easily recognised by the emergency services.

Ideas for Medi-SOS Sticker placement

Information Stickers - These need to have the location of the bag clearly written on them along with the emergency phone number/contact details of a nearby friend, neighbour or relative.

This sticker should be stuck on the back of the front/back door or in another prominent position where the emergency services can see and read it.

Ideas for Medi-SOS Sticker placement
Ideas for Medi-SOS fridge magnet placement

The Fridge magnet - clearly write the location of your Grab-Bag in the space provided.

Position the bag with its contents where it can be easily found.  Ideally, Grab-bags should placed be in a well lit area that is easily accessible i.e.  a pantry, larder, under a kitchen sink, in a hall cupboard or perhaps in a cupboard or bathroom.

Snap-shot of Medi-SOS Grab-bag
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