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MEDI-SOS Bus Pass/Travel Wallet.


Our MEDI-SOS  wallet has been created to carry in a purse, handbag, pocket or school bag and gives only vital information.


It can be accessed easily in the event of an accident or emergency and is ideal for anyone who is out and about everyday.

The oyster card style travel wallet has been was added to the Grab-Bag range by request.  Initially aimed for seniors and to carry on them in the case of an emergency, it has in fact been taken up by many others i.e. dog-walkers, school children etc., as a very simple way of carrying basic, vital information. 


Light and easy to carry, the MEDI-SOS travel wallet comes with a printed card to fill in on one side with space for bus passes or donor cards, a note to say that a pet might be at home, copy of a prescription, or travel documents on the other,

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