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We're Sorry ALL of our original style Grab-bags have been distributed
and we are only supplying the ones shown on the home page - for now.



The GRAB-BAG is made from a tough microfibre and transparent PVC fabric with large loopy handle that can easily be slipped over a wrist or ankle during transition. It measures 23 x 10 x 14.5 - so plenty of room to store the the MEDI-SOS ID form and the owners personal items; Keep-Sake boxes, glasses, secondary ID and some small essentials i.e. a lip salve, tissues, wipes, a biro etc.

All Grab-Bags come with:

The MEDI-SOS Tri-fold ID form 

The MEDI-SOS Sticker pack 


The MEDI-SOS Fridge Magnet

  • To be kept inside the bag and placed in an easy-to-find location.

  • A selection stickers to be placed in various easy-to-see locations (see back of each sticker for hints and tips of where to place).

  • Adhere to the fridge or any magnetic surface where the emergency services can easily see it and then locate the Grab-Bag.

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