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Medi-SOS values the contribution that volunteers make to the running of the organisation.

The purpose of this policy agreement is to help to ensure that both the rights and responsibilities of volunteers are clearly understood and respected. It is not a legally binding document and should not be interpreted as such.

Detailed arrangements relating to volunteering with Medi-SOS will be dealt with on a one-to-one basis as and when is necessary.

Medi-SOS commits to the following:

  • Offer equal opportunities to everyone who wants to volunteer.

  • Match skills and experiences with the right role wherever possible.

  • Discuss the roles, responsibilities and the standards required.

  • Offer appropriate training and support, as necessary.

  • Celebrate success and recognise the volunteers contribution.

  • Respect all volunteers and listen to what you have to say.

  • Provide information about the charity’s funding, aspirations, policies and procedures.

  • Reimburse agreed out-of-pocket expenses within reason and with a receipt.

  • Make necessary arrangements to ensure the health, safety and welfare of every volunteer.

  • Encourage a positive atmosphere.

  • Listen to and act on concerns if expectations aren’t met.

Medi-SOS expectaions of Volunteers:

  • Commit to the aims and values and be a positive advocate for Medi-SOS.

  • Aim high - giving the best of your skills and abilities.

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect, understanding that no form of harassment, bullying or discrimination will be tolerated.

  • Work in partnership with others.

  • Support and act in accordance with our organisational policies, guidelines, procedures and decisions - including all aspects of equal opportunities, health and safety, finance, data protection, safeguarding and use of our brand.

  • Ensure that any funds raised for Medi-SOS are held in accordance with accounting procedures.

  • Respect and maintain confidentiality.

  • Always consider and protect the reputation of Medi-SOS by acting responsibly and within the law.

  • Be accountable for your behaviour and actions and be open to receiving feedback.

  • Make contact if you have and problems so that a solution can be sought.

  • Make contact if there are changes of circumstance that may affect your volunteering.

  • Ask if something isn’t clear.

  • Have some fun!.


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