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A Big Week for Medi-SOS

This week we moved from being a small charity to became a registered charity (1182893). This means all the hard work has paid off - and the real work can now begin.

We are of course always looking for funding to get the Medi-SOS Grab-Bags out to seniors so that it will help with their communication when they go to A&E.

To date we have given out free-of-charge over 300 bags to senior groups and sheltered housing groups.

They include:

Chalfont St Giles Over 50's keep fit Group.

Chesham Voices and Choices

Marlow Bottom VoPag

Macular Ass. Amersham

Oasis Group Amersham

Camaraderie Group Gower House

Cruise Amersham

Anchor-Hanover - Sheltered housing

There are many more groups to be visited in the near future.

Many friends have been made and the next exercise will be the 'Push the Button' poster campaign along with with our friends SCAS (South Central Ambulances) - so look out for these.

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