Our very popular MEDI-SOS wallet  is free of charge - we just ask you to pay for the post and packing. Specifically designed, it gives only very basic information for use in the event of an accident or emergency. Perfect for carrying in your pocket, handbag, wallet or purse and large enough to include your donor or travel card. You can carry it everywhere.


Complete with insert for you to fill in with emergency telephone numbers of either a relative, your GP or solicitor. It is bright red so that it can be easliy seen by the emergency services.




SKU: Wallet
Option 1: red
  • MEDI-SOS Travel wallet is the masures 10 x 7 cm and is mad of tough PVC and coloured in bright red so that it can be easily spotted.  It comes with an insert for you to fill in with useful phone numbers that could assist if ever there was a problem.  On the other side of the wallet you can insert your travel card, donor card or a simple message.


    Ideal for school children, dog walkers, those with memory lapses, in fact it is suitable for everyone what ever age.


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